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Roofing Contractor in Chennai

Roofing Contractor in Chennai

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We introduce our self as one of the leading roofing contractors in Chennai since 2000 and specialists in industrial building construction, auditoriums, warehouses, mezzanine floor structures and other related structural works. We have finished our projects all over the India successfully.

We have our own technical team for design& analysis, structural engineers for execute the project wherever the location ,through our fully trained erection crews. We have the factories in Chennai and also in Hosur. We can co-ordinate all our team to work simultaneously to match the schedule of the project in turnkey basis. We could offer the best reasonable competitive pricing & quality measurements.

we are always at your dialing we assure you that once you give an opportunity to work with your esteemed concern definitely you will retain as your authorized contractor for all your future projects. We look forward to commence our association with your organization and assure of our best services and attentions at all times.

What is roofing contractors?

Roots Fabs are basically specialist in roofing in Chennai. They provide services to homeowners, private and government business of all types.

Why choose Roots Fabs Roofing Contractors in Chennai?

We are one of the leading service providers for roofing contractors in Chennai India, that has had years of experienced in this field. Having a good team of engineers who uses the latest innovative technologies, we have proven our self a stable and reliable company. We work as per the needs of the clients. We offer the latest designs, structures for any kind of roofing. Our contractors are well efficient and professional in this work of art, by using the latest innovative technology. We have always met the needs and requirement of the client which therefore has taken us to this height of success.


1. Reliability

2. Robust design

3. Quality results

4. Hire Roofing Contractors at Affordable

5. Effective

6. Durable

7. Eco friendly products

8. Cost effective roofing services


Benefits in Pre-Engineering Buildings

  1. Unobstructed large clean space span upto 50m.
  2. Bay length non obstructed upto 10 m and using Jack beams allows upto 20 m.
  3. Eaves height upto 30 m.
  4. The weight of the pre-engineered structure is 30% Lighter and therefore less expensive leading to cheaper and simple light weight buildings.
  5. Price per sq. Meter could be 30% lesser than conventional concrete buildings.
  6. Light weight frame offers higher resistance to seismie force than the heavy concrete structure.
  7. Easy to switch places in case of necessity to change the place.


Roots Fabs Pvt. Ltd
Leading roofing contractors in Chennai since 2000
No 9A, Gowdhamapuram, Jawahar Main RD, Ramana Nagar, Perambur
Tamil Nadu


Phone No. - +91 44 25582088

Common Roofing Questions - Roofing Contractor's FAQs

Q1: How do I know when to reroof or install new roof?

Reroof can be done if your roof is over 20 years old with a variation in its colour, appearances and leaks. It is usually much less expensive to reroof. As for installing new roof, it depends upon the condition of your roof. If your roof is done with one layering, then it can be installed upon an old roof, but if it is badly buckled with moss, algae, etc, then it needs a new roof installed.


Q2: How to choose a professional Licensed roofing contractor company in Chennai?

There are few points to be noted before choosing a licensed roofing contractor like:

a. Evaluation of the contractor

b. Professional roofing contractor

c. Check if he has a reliable license, place of business, telephone number etc

d. Check for proof of insurance

e. Check for his experiences and workmanship

f. Ask for feedback from the previous clients about their work


Q3: What will a new roofing cost and the time period of installing it?

The cost of a new roof depends upon the materials used, contractors, location, labour cost, and time of the contract. The price also varies according to the project of the work, whether it is for home or building.

The time period for installing a new roof depends upon few factors like weather condition, size of the crew working, etc. As for smaller job like tearing of roofs etc it can take several workdays. But, for a bigger job, it can take up to several week, months etc.


Q4: What are the types of roofing materials should we choose?

There are a wide range of materials that one can choose like composite or asphalt shingles, slate tiles, metal roofing, shingles, thatch, underlayment etc. Again, the materials required for roofing depends upon the type of roofing done.


Q5: What are the options for Reroofing?

There are many options that one can choose from for reroofing like:

a. Asphalt Composition Shingles Roofing

b. Metal Roofing

c. Plastic Polymer Roofing

d. Clay Tile Roofing

e. Concrete Tile Roofing

f. Slate Roofing

g. Wood Singles and Shakes Roofing