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Warehouse Contractors & Auditorium Construction

Roots Fabs Pvt. Ltd Chennai have come a long way in the field of prefabricated tubular and structural steel roof structures, auditorium construction. Roots Fabs are best warehouse contractors in Chennai India. These are best suited for workshops, warehouses, factories, site offices, Assembly links, Poultry sheds, etc or where a large space without pillar / posts are required with roofing of a very good height. Special designs can be offered to suit various individual.

A Specialists team of design engineers, and experts offers the latest innovative technology in Structural Engineering. A variety of designs, excellent quality control and specialized service - We offer our customers the most economical structures available in the Field.

According to the accepted engineered designs we use mild steel tubes, structural steel and a combination of both in tied type, portal type and saw tooth / North Light Types.

Any specialized tailor made designs can be made available to meet out clients requirements.

We have, during the course of a decade of service in the sector earned acceolades from many satisfied customers all over South India.

In short, we say that give us the space, to build your dream structure, to reality and to your entire satisfactions. From design at the table, outdoors fabrications, and transportation to make the erection of your dream structure for your real use and purpose.

What is Warehouse contractors?

A warehouse contractor is basically a person who takes the contract of the warehouse project based on receiving, shipping, and storage of the goods and products based on the contact that has been signed with the client. It can vary according to the companies, some are based on months while some are based on years.

Why choose Roots Fabs for warehouse construction

We at Roots Fabs have one of the best warehouse contractors in Chennai India. We are based in Chennai, and we have been in this service for decades of years which makes us experienced in this field. We have the best, qualified and most committed staff of engineers who are well versed in this industry. With years of experience and service, we have prove to be a stable and reliable company. We work as per the clients specifications, and customize the work on their needs. We have a brand name in India, therefore we have always been a choice over other companies. We are spreading our warehouse construction services and company name not just in Chennai, but all over the nation.

Warehouse Construction Benefits:

1. International quality standards
2. Reliable
3. Durable
4. Effective
5. Safe

What is Auditorium Construction?

It is the process of building or constructing an auditorium in the form of a theatre hall, concert hall or any other kind of public buildings.
Why choose Roots Fabs for Auditorium Construction in Chennai?

We are well noted for providing auditorium construction services Chennai in India. We are located in Chennai. We have a qualified team of engineers who are an expertise in this field by using the latest technology that are the norms of the industry. These auditorium are made with the best raw atrial that has the best distinct features in them. We make these auditorium with the best and most attractive indoor designs to give it a nice ambiance, depending on the kind of the auditorium. We only do the work on the demands that suit their requirements. Our services has been acknowledged in the market and as well as amongst the clients for out hassle free management, timely execution and reliability. Therefore, we ensure that the services we provide are safe for any kind of auditorium constructions work.

Auditorium Construction Benefits:

1. Reliability
2. Robust design
3. Quality results
4. Affordable
5. Effective
6. Durable
7. Eco friendly products
8. Cost effective

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